Self-Acceptance: Evaluating the Progress

If you go to any bookstore, you will find a large section focused on self-help. There are lots ofbooks that claim that they will help you develop into a better person: one who is not afraid; onewho handles money like a Wall Street financier; one who embraces success with both arms andnever lets go. You…


Recovering From Disloyalty

The spirit of Judas is alive and widespread today. Betrayal is everywhere. Desertion, treason, abandonment, defection, damage marriages and children, business and nations. Disloyalty is the betrayal of a sacred trust. In this teaching you will probably be shocked at the Biblical directions for both the prevention and recovery.

The Superiority of Godly Counsel

So many times in life, we run into situations and circumstances that throw us. What should wedo? What’s best? Where do we find good direction? Who do we listen to? Well, if we want to build our lives on a strong foundation, then we will try to build on the Rocklike the wise man in…


How To Overcome Weariness

Weariness! It is all around us. People are weary. If you want to learn how to overcome weariness then this teaching is for you. You can learn the dangers, the causes, and the solutions to overcoming and recovering from weariness.

How To Stop Worrying

Do we realize that we cannot get away from the causes of worry? Worry can come to us in a wide variety of forms, and no one is immune from it. So how do you stop worrying? This teaching will show you exactly what you can do to stop worry from intruding and trying to…


How To Avoid Being Deceived

Deception is a tricky thing because most deceived people do not know that they are deceived. Knowing the truth about God and His Son Jesus Christ is the only real prevention of deception. Deception is rampant in the world today. People think nothing of fraud, cheating or trickery to get what they think that they…


Make America Godly Again!

America was founded on Godly principles as the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States proclaimed. The foundation of our freedom was divinely provided. Liberty was the proclamation and it endured until the population started departing from the teaching of Christ and the Bible. Godlessness affects the entire nation. The way back…


God’s Way To Efficiency & Effectiveness

Does efficiency exist in society? Do people want to be efficient today? Do they even care about the amount of time wasted when getting any job done? There is a right way to do things and the Bible has the perfect prescription for efficiency. This teaching reveals the many ways that God’s Word guides us…