The Destructions of Pride

We live in a driven culture. We are driven to succeed, driven to be leaders, driven to excel. And underlying this succeed-at-all-costs message is the exaltation of the Self. Everyone wants to be the leader, not the servant. The chief, and not the follower. We look at those who have achieved success with wonder and…


How To Give Thanks For All Things

According to God’s Word, we are to: “Rejoice always and delight in your faith; be unceasing and persistent in prayer; in every situation [no matter what the circumstances] be thankful and continually give thanks to God; for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus” (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 AMP). Whew! That’s a mouthful! It says these disciplines are the will…


Recovering From The Destructions of Iniquity

Recovery! What a great word. Having the opportunity to recover is God’s highest priority for us. Iniquity or narcissism is so very destructive in so many ways to ourselves and the people around us. You can learn in this teaching just how evil iniquity/narcissism is and what happens to us if we choose to continue…


Self-Acceptance: Evaluating the Progress

If you go to any bookstore, you will find a large section focused on self-help. There are lots ofbooks that claim that they will help you develop into a better person: one who is not afraid; onewho handles money like a Wall Street financier; one who embraces success with both arms andnever lets go. You…


Recovering From Disloyalty

People were not created to live alone. We are supposed to have family and friends. Our relationship with God comes first, but He always planned for us to live with others. So it’s vital that we know how to build and protect our relationships. This lesson looks at the third on the list of the…


The Superiority of Godly Counsel

So many times in life, we run into situations and circumstances that throw us. What should wedo? What’s best? Where do we find good direction? Who do we listen to? Well, if we want to build our lives on a strong foundation, then we will try to build on the Rocklike the wise man in…


How To Overcome Weariness

Weariness! It is all around us. People are weary. If you want to learn how to overcome weariness then this teaching is for you. You can learn the dangers, the causes, and the solutions to overcoming and recovering from weariness.